Local Rule 46






46. (A)

Before the Court orders the parties or the minor children to undergo psychological evaluation, there shall be a finding by the Court that the psychological evaluation is necessary in order for the Court to properly decide the case and in the best interest of the parties or the minor children. Such evaluation may be requested by one or all of the parties, the Guardian Ad Litem or the Court may order it sua sponte, but in any case, the above finding by the Court is required for such order.

46. (B)

If one party requests a psychological evaluation, that party shall pay the costs of the evaluation, unless the Court determines that the request for psychological evaluation was made in good faith and was based on facts which would permit a reasonable person to believe he was in good faith. In such cases, the Court shall apportion the initial and final cost of the evaluation in accordance with the ability of the respective parties to pay said costs or other factors regarding equities between the parties. The Court shall consider any medical insurance available to the parties in making its apportionment of the costs.


(Effective April 15, 1992)