Local Rule 39.1





39.1 (A)

Effective immediately this court shall not entertain any ex‑parte orders that do not deal with true emergency situations. These emergency situations would include immediate loss of property or true irreparable harm to persons.

39.1 (B)

This rule shall be strictly enforced, including, but not limited to, the filing of papers out of time and the amending of previous pleadings.

39.1 (C)

If the above is desired, a hearing shall be set before the court or magistrate.

39.1 (D)

In ex‑parte orders in domestic relations matters, true affidavits based on personal knowledge or sworn testimony, which can always be arranged on short notice, shall be required.

39.1 (E)

Furthermore, in no instance shall an attorney attempt to communicate to this court any problem which they might have in a case when the other side is represented by counsel until the other counsel has been notified and either consents to said communication or is present when said communication is made.

39.1 (F)

Any violation of this procedure shall be dealt with as direct contempt with a first offense fine of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).



(Effective February 10, 1994)