Local Rule 12





12. (A) No later than seven (7) days before pretrial all counsel shall file a "Pretrial Statement" containing the following required data:


1.      A statement of the issues involved and a statement of all questions of law which it is expected will be involved in the case.


2.      An itemization of all special damages claimed.

3.   Status of settlement negotiations.


Suggested format:




  1. Brief description of case (e.g. rear end collision).

  2. Brief description of injuries or damages.

  3. Issues and questions of law.

  4. List item by item ascertainable damages such as medical expenses, lost  

      wages, property damage, etc.


            Name                                                              Amount



                                                             Total   $                                             

  5. Status report of the following:

(1) Depositions                                                                                              

(2) Medical Examinations                                                                              

(3) Exchange of medical reports                                                                   

  6. State any special problems regarding trial of the case.

  7. Is a view of the scene desired?

  8. List of stipulations:

  9. Complete list of witnesses:

10. Lowest demand                                             Highest offer                                     



                                                 Counsel for