Local Rule 8





8. (A) Confirmation of any sale of real estate by the Sheriff or by any master or receiver appointed by the Court, shall not be entered any earlier than ten (10) days from the date of sale, unless consented to by all interested parties or their counsel, in writing.


8. (B)  All execution sales of real state shall take place at the Crawford County Justice Center.


8. (C)  In all cases where the appraisal of real estate is necessary or required by law, the Clerk of Court shall immediately notify all counsel of record of the appraisal, when it is returned by the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.  This Notice shall be in the form of a full copy of the appraisal and shall be mailed to the attorneys of record or to the parties of record, if pro se.


8. (D)  In all foreclosure cases, after the period of redemption has expired, it will be obligation of the attorney to file a Precipe with the Clerk of Courts requesting an Order of Sale to be issued to the Sheriff.



(Adopted September 22, 1993)

(Revised December 31, 2008)