Local Rule 5





5. (A)  The court may order either counsel to prepare an entry setting fourth the agreement of the parties or an order of the court.


5. (B)  Drafting counsel shall prepare and mail said entry to all counsel and all guardians ad litem within fourteen (14) days of the hearing date.


5. (C)  Opposing counsel shall then have fourteen (14) days, after the entry was mailed by drafting counsel, to review the same, and within the same period opposing counsel shall do one of the following:

1.      Sign the entry and return it to preparing counsel, who is to file it with the court; or

2.      Contact opposing counsel to attempt to resolve any discrepancies; or

3.      Contact the court for further direction.


5. (D)  In the event that opposing counsel fails to respond to drafting counsel within fourteen (14) days from the time drafting counsel mails the entry to opposing counsel, drafting counsel may then submit the entry to the court without the approval of opposing counsel, and in the event, drafting counsel shall inform the court of the fact that drafting counsel received no response from opposing counsel within that fourteen (14) day period.



(Adopted September 22, 1993)

(Revised December 31, 2008)