Local Rule 4






4. (A)  

All pleadings and other papers filed in an action shall be neatly and plainly typewritten with legal caption and double spaced so that they can be easily read, or the Court may strike them from the files at the cost of the party filing them.


4. (B)   Endorsement of Address.

The caption of the complaint shall state the post office address of all parties, if known; if the address is unknown, that fact shall be stated.

The first pleading or motion filed by a party shall state the correct address of such party. A motion of pleading making new parties shall conform to the provisions of this rule. All pleadings shall bear the name, address, zip code, and phone number of counsel filing them, and each page shall be numbered at the bottom of the page. One copy of every paper shall be filed for each opposing party.


4. (C)

True copies of all pleadings filed after the complaint or of any exhibits, motions, affidavits, briefs or other papers filed with the Clerk, unless otherwise ordered by the Court, shall be provided by the party filing same for each of other counsel of record in the case and such copies shall be delivered to other counsel of record in person or by mail and proof of such service shall be made or shown in the case.


4. (D)   Amendments.

In no case where pleadings are amended, shall the original pleadings be withdrawn from the files or any part thereof obliterated; nor shall the amendment be made by interlineation or delineation, except by special leave of Court, and if such is granted, the words to be interlined and/or delineated shall be set forth in full on the journal.


4. (E)   Removal of Files and Papers.

No papers or files shall be removed from the office of the Clerk of Courts without permission of the Clerk or the Judge and until a written receipt for same is given to the Clerk.

All papers or files so removed shall be returned to the Clerk within seven days from their removal.