Local Rule 1.3





1.3 (A) Purpose

In compliance with the Rules of Superintendence for Courts of Common Pleas and for the purpose of maintaining and improving the timely disposition of cases, the following case flow management procedure is being adopted. It is not intended that this rule supersede any present rule, but only that it spell out the duties and responsibilities of counsel and the case management procedure.

1.3 (B) Arraignment and Pretrial

During the arraignment, a pretrial date shall be established by the Court. After the pretrial conference, an entry shall be journalized establishing the last date that a plea negotiation shall be considered by the Court. If a change of plea hearing is not scheduled, then this matter shall be set for jury trial.

1.3 (C) Continuances

Continuances shall not be granted orally and must be in writing. A request for continuance, before it is granted, shall contain the reason for the request, whether or not opposing counsel consents, and the new date for hearing.

1.3 (D) Sentencing

In the event the jury trial concludes with a verdict of guilty, the Court shall immediately pass sentence, or in the alternative, order a pre‑sentence investigation. (Effective July 1, 1991)