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Who is eligible for court appointed counsel?


A defendant of any legal action that may upon disposition be sentenced to jail or prison and who is found by the Court to be indigent is eligible for court appointed counsel.This would include any felony or misdemeanor charge in a criminal case or various contempt actions in a domestic relations case or protection order case.


How does someone apply for court appointed counsel and is there a charge?


A Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency Form must be completed.To obtain this form you may call the appropriate staff member (see below) at 419-562-5771 to have the form mailed to you or visit that staff member at the Common Pleas Court located on the Second Floor of the Crawford County Courthouse.

For Criminal Cases contact Nikki Dyer, extension 1159.

For Domestic Relations Cases contact Lisa Anatra, extension 1145.

For Protection Order Cases contact Cheryl Watkins, extension 1148.

A $25.00 non-refundable application fee will be assessed when submitting your Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency Form and is to be paid to the Clerk of Courts within seven (7) days of submitting your form.


How will I know if Iím approved for court appointed counsel?


Upon receipt of your completed Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency Form, the form will be presented to the appropriate magistrate or judge for review.Based upon their findings, you will be contacted by telephone or through the mail as to the outcome of your request.If you do qualify for court appointed counsel, further instruction will be provided to you in writing.


What attorney will handle my case if I qualify for court appointed counsel?


Crawford County does not have a public defenders office, but instead works off a list of attorneys who accept court appointment.If you have worked with an attorney in the past and wish that attorney be contacted if you should qualify, you must provide the name, telephone number, and/or address of the attorney when submitting your Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency Form to the Court.If you request a specific attorney and qualify for court appointed counsel, that attorney will be contacted to take your case.If that attorney does not accept appointment or if you do not request a specific attorney, the Court will select an attorney from the list spoken of above.


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